25 February 2018
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Experienced dedicated freelance web developer likes to create professional customized SEO-optimized websites.

Already as a student I enjoyed creating and developing websites. Those days still in its infancy, I was learning languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and later PHP, MySQL, XML and Ajax. Today, there are too many scripting languages to say I control all of them, but I do know I can make whatever you wish on your website.

It all started somewhere in 2006. I was employed as a web developer at the fullservice internet agency eFocus, creating numerous websites for very different customers. One of my first private websites was GreatestDiveSites, a social network for scuba divers with information about dive sites around the world. While getting known throughout the internet, I came in touch with all facets of internet marketing and online advertising on the web. Although I am not a designer, I can work with Photoshop and create simple website designs (Real fancy designs should be delivered by external designers). Each website has its own user friendly CMS (Content Management System) that intuitively enables a user to adapt the content of the website.

I am interested in helping people and businesses to create a website that matches their wishes. The websites I create are professional, fast, robust and optimized for search engines (SEO). I am devoted and willing to participate, so that I can say with certainty and confidence that this website can be successful without the common errors concerning usability etcetera. I also like to recommend about Internet marketing, advertising opportunities, link building, search engine optimization and web hosting.

Don't hesitate to contact me about discussing your wishes and possibilities. Once I know more about the size and difficulty of a website, we can discuss costs and duration. Since I work parttime, it shouldn't have to take months before a website can be completed.


  • Professional, fast, robust, SEO optimized
  • Devoted, contributing, advising
  • Duration of approximately 1 to 2 months
  • Fairly cheap
  • Own CMS
  • Hosting possible
  • Large portfolio

I am looking forward to begin with a new website soon!