GreatestDiveSites is a social network for scuba divers and snorkelers all across the world.


One of my first private websites was, a social network about scuba diving with information about dive sites around the world. GreatestDiveSites tries to collect and combine all useful information for scuba divers, listed and maintained by those who know best; the local dive shops. You can find detailed information about underwater inhabitants, mostly taken dive-plans and dive-routes, dive characteristics and much more. There are dive sites consisting of huge cave systems, there are shipwrecks which attract fish and provide hard and soft corals a place to grow, there are steep drop-offs, excellent coral gardens, pinnacles, high speed drift dives, canyons and dives on tanks, cars and planes. There are sweet and salt water dives, shallow (also perfect for snorkeling) and deep dives and there are shore, boat and liveaboard dives. You can find dives with common coral fish and pelagic species or dive with tens of hammerhead sharks, manta rays or whale sharks.

As a member you can upload dive images, link YouTube movies, describe dive sites and share experiences, invite other divers and control your online logbook. Almost anything can be linked to the correct dive site, allowing scuba divers to participate in creating the biggest and most accurate dive database in the world.


Scuba Diving


  • Movies and images are shown in a transparent screen by using a technique called Ajax.
  • Members can upload almost anything about their own diving experiences.
  • Gmail, Hotmail, MSN, AOL email integration tool.
  • The automated partner section allows the creation and placement of a partners' own advertisement.
  • Affiliate section that allows websites to display our information through an iFrame on their website.
  • And much more...